Policy on Chosen Name and Gender Identity

A University community member’s chosen name and gender identity can and should be used wherever possible in the course of University education, business, and communication.


LGBTQA+ Resources in Lincoln and Nebraska

Groups and resources in the local community and region.

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Trans Guide

Trans resources on campus and in the community, including information about gender inclusive housing, restrooms, and legal name and record changes.

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Trans Ally Guide

The dos and don’ts of being a trans ally, including terminology and a pronoun guide.

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Central Administration Guide

Information about record changes, restrooms, housing, and resources for trans students at each University of Nebraska campus.


Demographic options for Gender and Sexuality

Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Pronouns, and Legal Sex.

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LGBTQA+ Awareness Days

A list of LGBTQA+ days and months is located on our Awareness Days page.

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Gender and Sexuality Terms

Common LGBTQA+ terminology.

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