Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Contributions to the LGBTQA+ Community

The Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to the LGBTQA+ Community recognizes outstanding efforts to create an inclusive, respectful, and safe climate for members of the LGBTQA+ (lesbian, gay, bi/pansexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, aromantic and allies, plus additional identities relevant to sexual orientation, gender identities and expression) community at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. These efforts may be by an individual, an organization or department within the institution. Previous nominees may be re-nominated. The award recipient must demonstrate a sustained and tangible impact on the campus community.

Examples of such efforts might include:

  • advocating for LGBTQA+ individuals, groups, and issues in UNL campus settings
  • promoting the professional advancement of LGBTQA+ faculty and staff members, and encouraging and supporting the recognition of service contributions beyond those normally expected
  • committed to creating projects that promote greater awareness of LGBTQA+ issues, including actual and potential oppression, within the University
  • designing activities and programs that convey an active commitment to diversity and inclusion, personal safety and mutual respect for, and among, LGBTQA+ students, faculty, and staff

Congratulations to Our Chancellor's Award Winners

We are excited to celebrate our 2020 and 2021 winners for the Chancellor's Award for contributions to the LGBTQA+ community.













Nominations for the 2022 awards will open in February 2022.

Past Chancellor's Award Recipients

2021 Katherine Burger - University Housing
Corrie Svehla - Informational Techonology Services
Nicholas Harp - Student Recipient
2020 Ryan Fette - Institutional Equity and Compliance
Jen Skidmore - Engineering Student Services
Jake Piccini - Student Recipient
2019 Keith Zimmer & DaWon Baker - Athletics
Kai Meacham - Student Recipient
2018 Lawrence Chatters - Athletics, Life Skills Program
JD McCown - LGBTQA+ Center Graduate Assistant, Student Recipient
2017 Dr. Stacey Waite - Department of English
Lauren Segal & Ignacio Correas - Student Recipients
2016 Melissa Peters - Assistant Director of Residence Life for Student Leadership and Diversity Initiatives
Austin Christensen - Student Recipient
2015 Jonathan Frederick Walz - Curator at the Sheldon Museum of Art
Robert Lipscomb III & Grant Thomas - Student Recipients
2014 Danny Ladely - Director of the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center
Annie Pigaga - Student Recipient
2013 J.B. Milliken - President of the University of Nebraska
Scott Schneider - Student Recipient
2012 Reverend Stephen Griffith
Emily Schlichting - Student Recipient
2011 Robin Whisman - Campus Recreation
Jason Lucht - Student Recipient
2010 James (Jim) Cole - Psychology
2009 Bill Waters - OASIS/the Culture Center
Heath Harding - Student Recipient
2008 Debbie Krahmer - University Libraries
Greg Gifford - Student Recipient
Amanda Garrett - Student Recipient
2007 Janice Deeds - Student Involvement
Father Don Hanway - Retired Pastor, St. Mark’s on the Campus & CGLBTC
Allen Ratliff - Student Recipient
2006 Debra Anne Hope - Psychology
Spectrum/QSA Transition Team - Student Recipient
2005 Joy S Ritchie - English
Kris Gandara - Student Recipient
2004 English Department - College of Arts & Sciences
Robert D Brown, Emeritus - Educational Psychology
James V. Griesen - Student Affairs
Linda Major - Student Involvement
Dan Franks - Student Recipient
2003 Louis Crompton - Emeritus, English
George E Wolf - Emeritus, English
Ryan Fette - Student Recipient
2002 Pat Tetreault - University Health Center
Barbara DiBernard - English Department
2001 Luis Diaz-Perdomo - University Health Center
2000 Vern Williams - Career Services